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Learn about Catholic Ecclesiology by taking a weekly class with me via Zoom. First two classes are free. Use the contact tab to apply.


Discounts for groups:

2 people: $45 each

3 people: $40 each

4 people: $35 each

5 people or more: $30 each

Catholic Ecclesiology Course

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  • The study of the Church is a beautiful and rewarding subject with spiritual and practical implications for the Christian life. Joseph Ratzinger will be our guide in this study.


    Class 1: Called to Communion

    Class 2: The Body of Christ

    Class 3: The Bishop

    Class 4: Bishop, Priest, & Deacon

    Class 5: Collegiality

    Class 6: The Pope

    Class 7: Heresy, Schism, & Apostacy

    Class 8: Catholicism

    Class 9: Church & State

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