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Learn about the person of Jesus Christ by taking a weekly class with me via Zoom. First two classes are free. Use the contact tab to apply.


Discounts for groups:

2 people: $45 each

3 people: $40 each

4 people: $35 each

5 people or more: $30 each

Christology Course

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  • Basing ourselves on Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Ratzinger we will explore how the mystery of Christ is to be understood in itself and in relation to the rest of the Catholic faith.


    Class 1: Hermeneutics & the New Testament

    Class 2: Son of Man and Son of God

    Class 3: Nicaea

    Class 2: Chalcedon

    Class 3: Constantinople III

    Class 4: The hypostatic Union

    Class 5: The Communication of Idioms

    Class 6: Spiritual Christology

    Class 7: Pro-existence and the Analogia Fidei

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