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Learn about the context and meaning of the Second Vatican Council by taking a weekly class with me via Zoom. First two classes are free. Use the contact tab to apply.


Discounts for groups:

2 people: $45 each

3 people: $40 each

4 people: $35 each

5 people or more: $30 each

Vatican II course

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  • The Second Vatican Council is an often misrepresented event in the history of the Church. In this course we will walk through some key parts of the documents and uncover the theological debates lying at their origin. Key players and ideas will be covered throughout.


    Class 1: What is an Ecumenical Council?

    Class 2: The Reasons for Calling the Council

    Class 3: The Liturgy

    Class 4: Divine Revelation

    Class 5: The Church

    Class 6: Mary

    Class 7: The Modern World

    Class 8: The Laity

    Class 9: The Aftermath of the Council

    Class 10: The Universal Call to Holiness

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